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EICON Radiology

Each year, the pharmaceutical industry spends billions of dollars conducting clinical trials. Leaving aside for a moment the outcomes - and their potential human benefits - the only physical outputs of a clinical trial are data. 

A major focus for the industry in recent times has been on the potential value of clinical trials data beyond their original purpose. How can existing clinical trials data be re-evaluated and repurposed to support revised or novel clinical outcomes? 

In order to leverage the potential value of its data, a pharma or biotech company needs access to the source data. For several reasons, historical, logistical, etc., data have not necessarily been collected and stored at the sponsor but rather have been assigned to the care of external third parties - Core Labs, CROs.

The primary purpose of the EICON platform, since its inception, has been to facilitate the collection, storage, management, quality control, review, export and integration of clinical trials medical image data at the sponsor. As the landscape has evolved, our technologies and platform have also evolved. We know that it takes more than a single point solution to meet the complex needs of clinical research for medical image data - data collection from external third parties requires solutions that do not strain the resources of the external partner; data export for AI requires sophisticated Search capabilities and Dataset Management; the need for insights and analytics is ever growing and requires a flexible, integrated graphical capability.

The components that make up the EICON platform are fully interoperable and we combine these components into specific solutions for the specific needs of each target domain or 'ology. Following is an overview of our Radiology solution.

Following is a high-level overview of core capabilities and optional additional modules that make up the EICON Radiology solution.


Core capabilities: Study and Radiology Workflows, DICOM data storage and management,  QC configuration, etc.

  • Workflow: Create/Manage Study - Access Control, Upload, DICOM Data QC, Managed Storage, Download/Export.

  • Review: Reports, DICOM Viewer, Export to Workstation (with optional tag remapping)

  • Data validation: Conformity to DICOM Standard; conformity to Study-level QC specification.

  • Security: Multi-level access control - user/role/transaction matrix, data-level controls, network.

  • Configurability: QC specifications. Additional Scan and Study level metadata. Integration points. Basic dataset management.



Comprehensive, secure REST API for all major system functions:

  • Study Management

  • DICOM Data Upload/Ingest

  • DICOM Data Export

  • Query/Retrieve

  • and much more.


Metadata indexed into a multi-ology OpenSearch repository with supporting set of review and integration capabilities 

Storage and management of large quantities of medical image data only makes sense if users can review, search, and analyze the data and thereby leverage its intrinsic value.  

  •  Parse all metadata and index into a searchable repository

  • Search UI for data interrogation across multiple 'ologies 

  • Integrated options for review with domain-appropriate viewers

  • Integrated dataset management

  • Integrated option to export for AI analysis

  • and much more.


Graphical and list view representations of medical image data/metadata

Dashboards for 

  • Operations: Upload Counts per Core Lab, Quality Statistics, Performance Metrics, etc

  • Analytics/Insights: Slice Thickness, Field Of View, Instrument consistency per Subject, Outliers, etc. 

IBIS Services

Project Support Services

Full suite of services for project management, solution configuration and customization, integration with back-end systems, regulatory compliance, and more.

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