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Medical Image Data Management in the Cloud

Collect. Store. Manage. Review. Connect. Tag. Index. Search. Analyze. Integrate. Transform. Export. Repurpose. Leverage.

EICON provides a broad range of medical image data management solutions

The EICON platform provides comprehensive data management for DICOM and ECG data, an integrated Search-based Digital Asset management capability for other 'ologies, and a rich, future-facing set of AI enablement capabilities


EICON VAULT, FLOW and EXPLORER - an integrated enterprise data management solution for all your clinical trials DICOM data. On our Cloud, on your Cloud or on-prem.


EICON ECG, FLOW, REACH and EXPLORER - an integrated, comprehensive ECG data management solution with collection, storage, review, regulatory submission, and much more.

Digital Asset Library

EICON MESH supports multi-ology data collection, storage, indexing, interrogation and review. Collect, store, search, manage datasets, researcher environments, AI analysis, and much more

Data Science Acceleration

Bring your algorithms to the data and remove all concerns about PHI leaving the hospital network.

With EICON REACH AI, you maintain centralized control in the Cloud of AI algorithms and all related workflows while algorithm execution occurs in situ at the data source, i.e., in the healthcare setting.

Medical Image Data De-identification

Another EICON REACH solution: medical image data de-identification algorithms for Radiology (DICOM) and Pathology (WSI) data. Rules-based de-identification for both header data and pixel data, complemented by AI algorithms based on OCR and related technologies. 

Leverage the value of your medical image data 

Use the EICON platform to collect, manage, store, access and act on your clinical trials data. We can help you to

  • Collect/upload your data from its myriad disparate silos across third party repositories into an integrated ecosystem of digital assets, using a single, consistent data collection interface

  • Index metadata across all 'ologies into a single Search repository and provide rich Search and Dataset Management capability as foundational components for data value extraction

  •  Leverage the untapped, intrinsic value of your clinical data using AI - using your internal algorithms and/or third party algorithms

  •  Provide your clinicians, researchers and scientists with data access and tools to facilitate collaboration in exploring data value opportunities across 'ologies, including

    • A fully integrated data review interface for all data​

    • Domain specific image data viewers

    • A comprehensive suite of dashboards for data insights/analytics

    • AI algorithm development and execution capabilities 

Some Important Numbers to Consider


Years delivering Biomedical Imaging solutions


Active Clinical Trials, supported by EICON, growing daily


DICOM Scans under ACTIVE Management


Core technology products, fully interoperable, and configurable into solutions for your business needs: VAULT, ECG, FLOW, EXPLORER, SEARCH, REACH


Major business solutions, built on the EICON platform: EICON ECG, EICON RADIOLOGY,  EICON MESH, EICON AI, EICON COLLECT

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