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A comprehensive solution for Clinical Research ECG data management, addressing all your needs from data collection thru data submission in a secure, scalable and regulatory compliant environment. Fully Cloud enabled - your Cloud, our Cloud or on-premise.

Following is a high-level overview of core capabilities and optional additional modules that make up the EICON ECG solution.


Fully specified repository, Study and ECG Workflows, ECG data storage,  QC configuration, etc.

  • Repository for parsed and source data (ASCII and XML) and for all related operations and workflows

  • Workflow: Create/Manage Study - Access Control, Upload, ASCII/XML Data QC, Storage, Download/Export.

  • ECG Review: Reports, ECG Viewer, Export to Workstation.

  • Data reconciliation: ASCII (Case Report Form) and aECG XML are compared and verified

  • Security: Multi-level access control - user/role/transaction matrix, data-level controls, network.

  • Configurability: QC specifications for ASCII and XML data. Workflows for automated ECG review and analysis. 

  • Submission to FDA Warehouse



Comprehensive, secure REST API for all major system functions:

  • Study Management

  • ECG Data Upload/Ingest

  • ECG Data Export

  • Query/Retrieve

  • etc.


EICON REACH-based data collection module, simplifying and standardizing Core Lab/CRO integration.

Fully integrated data collection, storage, ingestion using EICON REACH. Key features

  • Configure data collection on REACH HUB (centrally, at the Sponsor)

  • Deploy data collection CANs to each external third partner and automate data collection

  • Optionally, configure data QC to be performed before collection and only upload/ingest valid data


Graphical and list view representations of medical image data/metadata

Dashboards for 

  • Operations: Upload Counts per Core Lab, Quality Statistics, Performance Metrics, etc

  • Analytics/Insights: Intervals Within/Outside Range, Reader Consistency across Subjects/Visits, Interpretations, Findings, Outliers, etc. 


EICON REACH-based AI analysis enablement. 

Fully managed AI algorithm execution

  • Algorithm processing/pre-processing configuration

  •  AI Workflow

  • Data routing

  • Algorithm execution and results management

IBIS Services

Project Support Services

Full suite of services for project management, solution configuration and customization, integration with back-end systems, regulatory compliance, and more.

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