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Managing complexity: building discrete modules for integrated business solutions

The goal for the EICON platform is to develop focused technological modules that generically address well-defined business use cases for known business problems/ opportunities, and that can be combined into integrated  solutions to manage complex business workflows.

EICON Modules: the core capabilities that together make up the suite of EICON Platform business solutions for medical image data management.

The EICON platform provides comprehensive data management for DICOM and ECG data, data collection and Search-based integrations across multiple 'ologies and a rich, future-facing set of AI enablement capabilities.


Comprehensive data management solution for all your clinical trials radiology data needs. Secure, scalable, enterprise-class solution. 


Comprehensive data management solution for all your clinical trials ECG data needs. Secure, scalable, enterprise-class solution. 


Storage and management of large quantities of medical image data only makes sense if users can review, search, and analyze the data and thereby leverage its intrinsic value.  EICON MESH provides a complete indexing, search and data interrogation capability across multiple 'ologies  with integrated options for review, dataset management, export for AI analysis, and much more.


REST API for end-to-end data management of clinical trials data. Comprehensive set of end-points for study setup and management, data upload/ ingest, data QC, data query, data export, and much more. 

Specific implementations for Radiology and ECG.


A highly flexible, technically generic solution that facilitates Edge Computing, i.e., central control of technical "assets" (capabilities) and remote execution of those assets. REACH is designed to be adaptable and is already in use for a broad range of scenarios, including data collection (REACH COLLECT), data export (REACH EXPORT) and remote AI algorithm execution (REACH AI).


A suite of dashboards supporting Operations, Clinical Insights and Analytics


Domain-specific viewers for Radiology (DICOM), ECG, Pathology, Digital Photography

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