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Designed, in the first instance, for the Healthcare sector, EICON AI provides a compelling architecture to the AI Algorithm provider - manage the algorithms, deployment configurations, workflows, routing, etc. in the Cloud and deploy a fully configured agent to the 'Edge' at each Healthcare site to execute the algorithm, manage its results, and provide full audit trail of all data transformations and user activities.

EICON AI: Business Drivers


  1. Computing at the Edge – a model for the future. EICON AI is an end-to-end, fully automated AI algorithm execution platform with the key benefit that algorithms are managed in the Cloud but executed at the Edge, adjacent to the data.

  2. The separation of algorithm management from algorithm execution and the high level of configurability in EICON AI makes this an extremely scalable solution that can easily be adapted for enterprise-level adoption of AI-based capabilities to match evolving developments in medical imaging AI.

  3. Facilitates AI analysis using either EICON-based or third party algorithms

  4. Provides ability to

    • Manage your algorithms

    • Manage configurations and routing rules

    • Set up data pre-processing procedures

  5. Security at all levels of the architecture - data, user, system, network

  6. Performance. While providing full control over AI algorithm workflows, the EICON AI architecture optimizes algorithm execution – shortens the data round-trip from source to algorithm and of results back to source.

  7. Data security and privacy. Source data never leave the hospital network. Consequently, data de-identification is not required and any concerns relating to inadvertent release of PHI beyond the secure hospital network are obviated.

  8. Full audit trail and regulatory compliance

EICON AI is an instance of EICON REACH

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