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Impact Business Information Solutions (IBIS), Inc. is a software solutions provider to the Life and Health Sciences, based in Princeton, New Jersey.  We work with the pharmaceutical industry, the healthcare sector and the National Institute of Health (NIH).  We focus primarily on medical imaging data and our EICON Platform includes comprehensive solutions for ECG and Radiology data, multi-'ology image data assets management, and a unique AI algorithm management solution.



Provide high quality medical image data management solutions that help our customers fully leverage the intrinsic value of their clinical data.



To continue to extend the capabilities of the EICON stack  with smart, well-considered, interoperable, visionary solutions, and to broaden their adoption across the Life and Health Sciences communities so that, for all the members of our clinical communities, we remove barriers to their success, free up their valuable time, and simplify their daily workload.  

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