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EICON Radiology

An enterprise solution to meet all your needs for radiology. Comprehensive Data Management and Study Workflow. Dashboards for Operations and Insights/ Analytics. OpenSearch for metadata analysis. Dataset export for AI. And much more. Your Cloud, our Cloud or on-premise.

EICON Radiology: Business Drivers

  1. Early access to all radiology data for clinical review and key decision support

  2. Assured data quality with consistent, repeatable enterprise-level/per trial data quality specifications

  3. Sophisticated Search across all metadata complemented by a comprehensive set of dashboards for Review, Insights and Analytics

  4. Facilitating AI analysis of the data using either EICON-based or third party algorithms

  5. Full-featured, domain-specific viewer

  6. Security at all levels of the architecture - data, user, system, network

  7. Regulatory compliance

The Components of EICON Radiology

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