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Facilitating collaboration across disciplines/'ologies.

Index all your medical imaging data into a single, searchable repository - Radiology, Pathology, ECG, Digital Photography and more. Integrate with your back-end image data management systems. Search, Retrieve, Share and Collaborate across all indexed 'ologies. 

EICON MESH: Drivers/Options

  1. Enable multi-level collaboration across 'ologies from clinical review to AI analysis

  2. Sophisticated Search across all metadata complemented by a comprehensive set of dashboards for Review, Insights and Analytics

  3. Deep integration with source data and source data management systems

  4. Domain-specific viewers for all data

  5. Security at all levels of the architecture - data, user, system, network

  6. Full regulatory compliance

  7. Optionally, integrate Data Collection and Storage 

  8. Optionally, integrate Data Export

  9. Optionally, integrate AI analysis of the data using either EICON-based or third party algorithms

Components of EICON MESH

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